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​How to eliminate a pimple as soon as it appears

How to eliminate a pimple as soon as it appears.

I just recently discovered this method while mixing and trying different combinations with my natural products.

This mixture uses activated charcoal and bentonite clay and is by far the fastest natural method that has ever worked for me calming breakouts with immediate results. I have tried this quite a few times with consistent results. 

Since charcoal and bentonite clay both pull out impurities in your skin through adsorption I imagined it would make the ultimate impurity destroyer and I was right because although both have adsorbing qualities they do so differently. 

Activated charcoal soaks up impurities and toxins from deep within the skin and has been used for years to treat poisoning and more recently to detox. It also does so at a much faster rate than bentonite.

Bentonite clay is aged volcanic ash that has been mined and has also been used for years to promote internal cleansing. This ingredient plays a big part in calming inflammation and drying out the pimple.
All the ingredients I was able buy from my local Dischem pharmacy.
What I use:

  • A small mixing bowl
  • Plastic teaspoon (this is very important as a metal teaspoon will cause bother the clay and charcoal to lose their impurity pulling properties)
  • 2 teaspoons of activated charcoal
  • 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay
  • 2 1/2 teaspoon of aloe vera juice ( this is optional and can be substituted with water)

    In a small mixing bowl, gently dry mix the activated charcoal and bentonite clay together then slowly add the aloe vera juice. 

    Note that bentonite clay swells to double its size when mixed with water so a little goes a long way.
    Stir until it forms a consistent paste.
    Proceed to apply on pimple and problem areas.
    Allow the paste to dry completely. This should take about 7-10 minutes
    Rinse off with warm water and a gentle face soap while rubbing away the mixture.

    After his you can continue with your normal skincare routine. You will notice that the pimple will come to head but will be dried out.

    Tell me what you think after trying this out!

    Bouncy Bantu knot out results

    ​Today I’m in the best of moods!! I feel like God was smiling on my fro and I. 

    After having being way overdue for wash day (by a little over 3 weeks 🙈) I finally got around to doing it.

    The journey starts last night yesterday when knowing I would have a busy day ahead, I dragged my feet for this planned wash day turning it into a wash night (yep, that’s a thing too) and I was sad because I couldn’t find my favourite paddle brush and would have to detangle with a wide tooth comb. 

    I made a hair mask using activated charcoal, bentonite clay, tea tree oil and aloe vera and applied it on damp hair to get all the buildup out then followed it with a quick shampoo using the Garnier ultimate blends sleek restorer

    Next, I decided to give the ORS Hair Mayonnaise that’s been sitting on my shelf for months now a second chance. Since by then it was so late at night I couldn’t wait for the recommended 15 mins and just added the Garnier conditioner ontop of it and started with the detangling.

    By then it was 11 PM  and I started with blow drying on medium heat using some heat protectant, my favourite — caivil fusion oil and a little bit of gel. The whole time I was blow drying I kept thinking: Lydia why do you do this to yourself? lol

    I went on to start Bantu knots and crossed my fingers for great results as I went to bed.

    In the morning when I took down the knots… Hellooo yummy curls 🙂
    Couldn’t help but snap a few shots of this Bantu knot out 😀