PRODUCT REVIEW: Aunt Jackie’s curls & coils Curl la la defining custard and In control conditioner

This is review of the Aunt Jackie’s products and how I tried them on dry hair and wet freshly washed hair. It took me two tries to figure this out.

Curl la la defining curl custard

If there’s something that immediately stands out with Aunt Jackie’s hair products it’s the yummy fragrance. It smells like a loaded berry smoothie. I liked it so much that I would shake my head happily just to get a whiff of the fragrance!
For the first try I used it on dry hair in combination with a braid spray to mist. When applying the custard, hair was touchably smoother and easy to brush. I then tied it up into Bantu knots and left it overnight.
The top Front of my hair curled perfectly but the back not so much as my hair texture is kinkier there. As for hold I wouldn’t recommend this hair custard as it didn’t really work for a Bantu knot out. In the product’s defence it does say ‘for natural curls’ so I’m guessing ‘fabricated’ curls like the Bantu knot out don’t count? 😅 I might try Aunt Jackie’s flax seed gel next time for a Bantu knot out.
The Bantu knot out result was lovely but in my opinion not very defined.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Aunt Jackie's curls & coils Curl la la defining custard and In control conditioner+Bantu knot out

So I decided to give it a second try tweaking a few things. This time I did not layer the curl custard on any other product — layering can easily change the way your product works on your hair — I applied it on freshly washed hair and used Aunt Jackie’s​ in control “anti poof” moisturising and softening conditioner, sho! That’s a mouth full 😅
I used the Aussie​ frizz miracle shampoo going for a second wash to make sure that my hair was completely product-free.
Deep conditioned with Aunt Jackie’s​ in control conditioner. Since the directions​ said to use a generous amount, I did and detangled, sectioned & twisted my hair focusing on my nape hair as that is where my hair is the most coarse and coily. I put on a plastic cap and hopped into the shower while it deep conditioned with body heat.
After rinsing the conditioner out, I did a final rinse with 1 cup of aloe Vera juice + 1 cup of cold water all while my hair remained in sections (I’m really too lazy to undo individual sections​ just to rinse. Plus I like a little bit of conditioner left my twists​ for softness)
I must say my curls hardly ever clump regardless of the product I use but while undoing those twists to put in the curl la la defining custard, I noticed that they had clumped. I was impressed! Also my hair was soft. The deep conditioner worked really well.
To style, I decided to do something different so I braided​ my hair. What I loved is that since my hair was wet the coils formed much better at the ends of each braid which is everything if you want your twist out or braid out to look defined and frizz free when it will dry.
By morning I unbraided, fluffed my hair out and I was good to go!  I was so pleased with this braid out.
This is how it turned out:

Braid out+PRODUCT REVIEW: Aunt Jackie's curls & coils Curl la la defining custard and In control conditioner+Bantu knot out
Day 1
braid out+Aunt Jackie's curls & coils Curl la la defining custard and In control conditioner+Bantu knot out
Day 2

Aunt Jackie’s products are great and you can expect your braid outs to last all day. I managed to stretch my style for 2 more days​. Now I’m definitely keen on trying the other products in this range.

If you’ve tried Aunt Jackie’s curls & coils products let me know how they worked for you below. I’d also love to know what products you’re using to define your coils!


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