Bouncy Bantu knot out results

​Today I’m in the best of moods!! I feel like God was smiling on my fro and I. 

After having being way overdue for wash day (by a little over 3 weeks 🙈) I finally got around to doing it.

The journey starts last night yesterday when knowing I would have a busy day ahead, I dragged my feet for this planned wash day turning it into a wash night (yep, that’s a thing too) and I was sad because I couldn’t find my favourite paddle brush and would have to detangle with a wide tooth comb. 

I made a hair mask using activated charcoal, bentonite clay, tea tree oil and aloe vera and applied it on damp hair to get all the buildup out then followed it with a quick shampoo using the Garnier ultimate blends sleek restorer

Next, I decided to give the ORS Hair Mayonnaise that’s been sitting on my shelf for months now a second chance. Since by then it was so late at night I couldn’t wait for the recommended 15 mins and just added the Garnier conditioner ontop of it and started with the detangling.

By then it was 11 PM  and I started with blow drying on medium heat using some heat protectant, my favourite — caivil fusion oil and a little bit of gel. The whole time I was blow drying I kept thinking: Lydia why do you do this to yourself? lol

I went on to start Bantu knots and crossed my fingers for great results as I went to bed.

In the morning when I took down the knots… Hellooo yummy curls 🙂
Couldn’t help but snap a few shots of this Bantu knot out 😀

​Growing up has meant:

My dad and I (aged 16)

I come to accept that it is no longer perfection I strive for but rather excellence.

It’s ok to not fit in

Generally speaking, nobody is loyal (so don’t judge too harshly upon someone’s betrayal of a cause or person)

Sometimes people do not deserve your goodness or kindness. Be all that anyway.

A hello, how are you or gentle smile doesn’t take anything away from you.

Don’t let harsh realities of life make your heart just as cold and calloused

Ignorance is not bliss and knowledge is power

Standing by what you believe is part of what makes your character

Over thinking kills. Make a decision and stick to it

Try to see the beauty in everything, especially  people do not acknowledge it

You cannot please everyone so go for what your mind is at ease with first.

No. Fulstop. No explanation needed. And life will go on.

The less grudges you bear the happier you are.

It’s not always about you, the world doesn’t revolve around you, there isn’t always a hidden agenda. So stop wondering why your neighbour gave you a mean look today or why your coworker snapped at you out of the blue they are human and probably reacted that way because of something totally unrelated to you

Waking up early in the morning is important if you truly want to start making things happen.

Take chances but for the right reasons. And when you do, give it your best.

Also, don’t disguise inadequate or insufficient effort as taking a chance because if it doesn’t work out then you will blame it on taking a chance when deep down you know you were really afraid or didn’t expect much from it.